Heartbleed bug update

You may have heard of the Heartbleed bug that has affected the security of various websites. Essentially, the security bug poses a risk to websites that use an SSL certificate, and most sites recommend you change your password for security. For more detailed information, please check out CNET’s expensive coverage, with websites outside of FCS here.

What was affected at FCS?

We are happy to report that commonly used websites at FCS, such as Veracross and friendscentral.org, are monitored closely and any outstanding issue from Heartbleed was resolved. While the friendscentral.org site was not affected, our representatives at Veracross recommend a password change, due to the number of sites that were affected.

One of the sites affected was Google, which includes Gmail. Students at FCS do have a Google account, so it is recommended they change their passwords. If you are using a Gmail account, we also recommend you change your password.

Change your Veracross password

Again, Veracross recommends every user change their password, which you can do when logged into Veracross. Simply click on the Change Password link at the top right of the home page, and follow the steps to reset your password.

Change Password


If you’ve forgotten your Veracross username or password, you can easily retrieve that information from their site here, in order to log in and reset your password.