Protecting Your Child’s Data

When it comes to safety and protecting your digital content online, Google has one of the best track records. Google has recently created a website( to address how they keep you and your children’s data safe from people who would like to steal or use the data for their own profit. Google has vowed that they do not use the data from their educational customers to sell ads.

The main areas they strive to protect their educational customers are:

  1. Family safety – this page, which provides detail on the security of our services to schools, you can find guidance and tips for keeping families safe online in our Family Safety Center.
  2. No ads in Google Apps For Education services – There are no ads in Google Apps for Education services and they have no plans to change this in the future. Additionally, K-12 Google Apps for Education users do not see ads when they use Google Search and are signed in to their Apps for Education accounts. Read more about this topic.
  3. Data ownership – Google does not own any of the data that your child is uploading to Google. Students can always take their data with them.
  4. Data protection – Google does not sell data to third parties. Read more about Information Sharing

And much more. Google is committed to keeping your child’s Google Apps data contained within the Google ecosystem. Read all about their commitment to safety here: