iPad FAQ

What type of iPad will my child need to bring in the fall?

There are many versions or types of iPads available. We hope a set of minimum requirements, along with our recommendations, will be helpful to you as you select the iPad best suited to your child and your family. Choosing the size, storage, and version of the iPad will all affect the price of the iPad you select. There are advantages and disadvantages to each recommended possibility. This c|net review does a good job of breaking down the differences between the models.

We have learned that students that are using the ipad as a laptop replacement are best served by adding a keyboard accessory.

Minimum requirements:

The iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 2 are the oldest versions that are acceptable for school use.

 Minimum Storage:

The minimum storage requirement is 32GB. For school purposes, this level of storage will be fully functional.

 Cellular/3G Service:

Cellular plans are not necessary for school purposes, as all of our buildings have wireless capability. We do not recommend these plans due to the additional costs; however, if your child would like to do work on the school bus, in the car, or outdoors, a cellular plan could be useful.


We do not recommend purchasing AppleCare. Based upon our experience, cracked screens are the extent of technical issues that the ipad experiences and for less than $100 the screen can be replaced. AppleCare costs $99 PLUS $50 to get the ipad replaced when there is a cracked screen.

iPad Covers:

Every student should have a cover for his/her iPad. Covers range dramatically in function, price, and purpose. Feel free to use one with a keyboard if your child prefers or simply one for durability.

Earbuds or Headphones:

Earbuds or headphones will be required for use in classes that require audio activities. All types of earbuds/headphones are acceptable.


Yes. In order to ensure that all students have the same capabilities, everyone will be required to bring an iPad when school starts in September 2017.
Students will use the iPad in many different ways depending on the course or activity. In some classes, the availability of the internet will allow for immediate research; in other classes, apps may be used to create presentations or practice a skill. Just as a pencil can be used for many tasks, an iPad will be used for different purposes based on the student, teacher, and curriculum.
By employing some simple strategies, the iPad should remain safe and usable. However, accidents do happen, and it is for this reason that we recommend the purchase of apple care or a warranty.
Yes. The iPad will join already recognized essential daily tools such as notebooks, pencils, and a calculator.
Students will be able to visit with someone on the Technology Staff for immediate help with devices if necessary.
Students are welcome to bring additional devices to school, but it is not necessary to bring any technology other than an iPad.
iPads require very little setup other than an Apple ID to set up an iTunes account. In fact, Apple provides a wizard with steps to follow when you start up the ipad for first time. In addition to the Apple Store, which offers the Genius Bar to assist owners of Apple devices, our information sessions will also provide small group instruction on setting up your child’s device. This article explains setting up an itunes account for children under 13.
Apple provides this site to help parents configure their child’s iPad for control over content and app purchasing.

Refurbished iPads are available and the Apple website also has some special deals. New iPads rarely go on sale, but there are often times when “specials” will run, which include an iTunes gift card with the purchase of a new device.